Visitor Count 10,000

I thank you all for your visits which has helped this blog reach a visitor count of more than 10,000 hits and still counting .....
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Google Page Rank 2

UK2  Domain NamesHurray !!!!!!! finally my blog has got a page ranking of 2 from google. 
This is my first blog to get a Google page ranking of 2 and it has been a combination of hard work and the support of all my blog visitors who have visited themselves and so also provided links for others of similar interests to visit too. 
I thank you all for your support 

Visitor count 4000 and still counting .......

VPN from Uk2 - Surf USA sites from UKWith the average hits to this blog reaching around 1000 per month.Almost everymonth a new milestone is being created.This is thanks to all my visitors...

Multiple Links Widget

30% off Web Hosting, up to 3 free domains and free SSL'sHere is a multiple link widget with links to the most commonly used websites,social networks.You can click on more links on the right down corner for the widget to display more links.The links available are city links,Travel Links,Email Links,Favourite Links,Photo Links,SocialLinks,FinancialLinks,ToolsLinks & Music Links.If you want to revert to the default link page click on Home links

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

Visitor Counter with Flags and stats !

Check out this new flag/visitor counter. Besides displaying the top countries flag with their count it also provides you and your visitors with some interesting stats about your blog. It has shows the no of people currently online, Visitors today, Visitors yesterday ,Visitors this week, Visitors last week, Visitors this month and visitors last month. Off course it shows the total no of visitors! That is actually what a counter is meant for right? 
But there is one big drawback though so that it starts counting from zero and you cannot adjust it to you present visitor count. But it is really great for someone who is starting a new blog! You will need to register to get this widget .

Visitor count 3000 and still counting....

The last couple of months seems to be bringing a lot of pleasant surprises for me.Barely a month ago the visitor count had touched 2000 and and within a month it has reached 3000 .This has been by far the fastest 1000 visitors to my blog.Morever another feather in the cap was getting the first google page rank.

Thank you once again for all your support.........

Ad Free Sudoku Puzzles

CoolHandle web hostingSmall ad-free sudoku game with thousands of different puzzles, from very-easy to super-hard! Sudoku is sometimes incorrectly spelled as suduku, suduko, sudoko, soduku, soduko, sodoku, sodoko, etc.
Now play unlimited Sudoku Puzzles.
Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage
Source : Google Gadgets

Google Page Rank - 1

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Hurray! my blog got its first page rank from google today.I thank you so much to all my visitors and followers who have contributed in reaching this goal.
I had started blogging in October 2008 and in less than six months I got my first rank from google.So all the hardwork has finally paid the dividends. It means a lot to me. 
I will always strive to provide you with useful and meaningful content as I have been providing till now. 
It is also worth mentioning that my second blog also got a page rank simultaneously and I am sure you would love to visit that too. Here’s the link for you

Digital Clock for blogs

Check ou this digital clock with reflection looks great na ?You can customise the colour to suit your blog and there are many more widgets out there . Do you want to have one for your blog too then log on to and get one for you now.

Blogcatalog Search Widget

Be Where your Customers are $1.99 / mo hosting for 12 months!-With the BC 360 Search Widget you give your readers the opportunity to browse your blog content like never before. Your readers can search your blog and social activities as well as the BlogCatalog bloggers in your network.

Just log in to your account and go to your dashboard and choose widgets from the options.If you have more than one blog choose the one for which you intend to install this widget .Choose the search widget from the list of widgets provided.

You will be provided with the necessary code.Just add in a appropriate location.

Auto Scrolling Headline of Blog Posts

Well by now you must have been familiar with the scrolling text,Scrolling Photos,Scrolling Links,Now What ? How about scrolling rss feed of your blog to display the title of each blog posts ?
Great! So here's how you go about it.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

www.1and1.comYou can also customise this widget as per your requirements.You can edit

Max Posts  - Default is "15" ( This is the no of posts )
Scroll Delay - Default is "175" ( Smaller the number greater the speed of scrolling)
Direction    - Default is " left " ( You can change it to right,top,down but left is recommended )
Bullet Char - Default is " ** " ( Change it as you desire )
Finally change the blogaddress from "" to your blog Url


Visitor Count 2000 and still counting ...

http://www.1and1.comHi Friends with your support my blog has got a visitor count of 2000 just after 3 months of launching this blog.Hope to provide you with more interesting and useful content.

Thanking you all and I hope you continue visiting it.

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How to create text area in blog posts ?

get your site online with web hosting plansMany a times there arises a need to display some code in your blog posts but when you post the code directly it shows in the resultant output so to avoid these problem you need a text area inside your blog posts. This code helps to create a window in which you can enter the text.This is also useful if you want to share your blog link with others so they can easily copy your link and paste in their blogs
Change the Rows “ 5 ” – To increase or decrease the number of rows
Change the Columns “ 50 ” – To increase or decrease the width
Enter your content  in the place of the “ YOUR CONTENT HERE ”
Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage
<textarea rows="5" cols="50"> YOUR CONTENT HERE </textarea>

Auto Scrolling Links or Marquee Links

Many a timed there is a need to show a list of long links it may be your list of blogs, A list of others blogs if you are participating in a traffic exchange or it could be your monthly archives if you have been blogging for long.Having a long list of links on your sidebar gives it a shabby look so here’s a simple solution to the problem. Display auto scrolling links in a pre defined space. You have all the customizing options too at your disposal.

Once you have copied the code you can modify the below options if require or leave it as it is ( U NEED TO ONLY CHANGE THE CONTENT IN “ ” BETWEEN THE COMMA’S ) Marquee Direction “ UP” – This defines the direction of scrolling you can change it as Down, Left or Right
Width “ 200 ” – Change to suit your blog ( If required ) Height “ 200 ” – Change to suit your blog ( If required ) Scroll Amount “ 2 ” – This defines the speed of scrolling (Smaller the no slower the speed,Greater no will increase the speed e.g 3,4,5… )

After you have done the necessary customization you can change my blog address to say and Title “ Blog ” to say “ My Blog”. 

Copy the below code and edit the links to increase as many as you like.

I would request you to leave the first link Blog widgets so more people can find this blog but you are free to remove it.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

United States ZIP code lookup widget

United States ZIP code lookup. Complete information for city name, alias city, state code, phone area code, city type, county name FIPS, time zone, day light saving, latitude, longitude, elevation, MSA, PMSA and Census data.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage
Source : Google Gadgets

All in One Widget - Popular Pages,Keywords,Country,Referring Sites & Visitors

Check out this All In One Widget:This is a multi-use widget that combines all the features of our other widgets into one convenient widget. Use the right and left arrows or click "Display Menu" to view Most Popular Pages, Search Keywords, Visiting Countries, Referring Site or Referring Search Engine. ( This is a image only to see the functioning widget click on the arrows in the left side bar ) 
Popular Pages Widget:This is an interactive widget that shows your site or blog's most popular web pages. Clickable URLs help guide visitors to your site's most important content. Find out how many people visited and how many times your pages were viewed 
Search Keywords:Share your sites most common search keywords with your visitors. Let them know what other visitors are searching for when they come to your site or blog.
 Visiting Countries:This is a fun information widget that lets you know which countries that visitors to your site or blog are coming from. You might be surprised to learn where people are finding you
 Referring Site or Referring Search Engine:This visit widget displays the URLs of the websites that refer the most traffic to your site or blog. Clickable links provide an easy tool to link back to your referring sites.
Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

RSS Auto Scroll Widget/ Recent Posts Autoscroll widget

Drupal Web HostingCheck out this cool RSS Auto Scroll Widget.You can now have more of your rss content displayed within a small space.Plus You can have more than one RSS Url ( The max is 3 though ). 
Since this is a free version you will have ads in it but it is Camouflaged very well so it is not possible to distinguish the ads from your content 
Unlike the free version, the standalone version of the RSS Scrollbox Widget doesn't have any ads and is installed on your server. It supports all the same customization options as the free version. It costs US$35 and requires a server that has PHP 4 or greater with xml support installed. After PayPal confirms the payment, you will be emailed a zip archive that includes the RSS Scrollbox Widget and all the information you will need to set it up on your server 
To get your free rss scroll Widget click on the link below

Alexa Rank updated – Check out yours

Joomla Web HostingAlexa rank has been updated. Do you know your current alexa rank ? Well no need to worry you can check it right out here without any hassles
In the Top left corner there is a site popularity gadget  just enter your website url and click on the Check Popularity button and you will get the statistics of latest Alexa Rank,Google Rank,Google Back links,Alexa Backlinks,Alta vista Backlinks,All the web backlinks.
Click on the “ View “ link to get details of who links to you.

Search my Blog or Archives widget

The Blog search widget allows your visitors to search for contents on your blog and displays the related search pertaining EXCLUSIVELY to your blog.
Your visitors will appreciate this as they wont waste their time trying to look out for related content or the actual content they were looking out for. This will ensure that they stay on your site which will help to ensure that the bounce rate is reduced. ( Bounce rate – The more time visitor stays on your site the lesser is your bounce rate and the better it is ).
If you want you can change the "Search my Archives" text for the button with anything 
( Example Search,Search my Blog or just leave it as it is )  

Just copy and paste the below code in your blog or webpage 

How to display recent posts widget for blogger

iPage site builder banner

Check out this very easy method to display your recent posts widgets to your blogger.
Just log in to your blogger account and then go to Layout.Then click on Add a Gadget. Choose the Add content from an RSS or Atom feed to your blog.
When you add it it will ask for the feed url. Copy the rss feed of your blog and paste it in this and click on continue .Here you can rename the Title say as “ RECENT POSTS “ and then Save it.
Simple isn’t it ?

How to use Google Analytics for blogger ?

Sign Up with Google analytics with your Gmail account
You will be displayed with the get started screen. Click on the sign up button to get started.
Next you will land on the general information page and here you will have to submit yourWebsite’s URLAccount Name ( You can give any name and if you have multiple blogs you can write the name of your blog here and add more sites once your account has been set up ),Time Zone Country and finally your Time zone
After entering this info click on Continue
Next the contact information page will open up where you need to enter your Last Name, First Name & Phone number ( It is NOT MANDATORYthough to enter this info) But you need to enter the Country or territory to continue. After selecting the country click on the continue button.
Here the user Agreement Page will open.You can read it and select the checkbox Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions.
Then click on the Create New Account button
Next you will move on to the page where the code for inserting in your blog will be displayed. Login into your blogger account.
Go to Layout. Click on Edit HTML
Before editing your template, you may want to save a copy of it. Just click on the download full template and choose a location and save it.( Just in case you mess up anything you can always choose this file and upload it and things will be back to normal )
Now Scroll to the bottom of the template and you will find </body> tag.Copy the code displayed and paste it immediately before ( above ) the </body> tag.
After this Save the Template.
Go back to the Google Analytics page and Click on the Continue Button and you will be finally on your Dashboard.
Now just sit back and relax as Google Analytics take care of the rest. Note you will need to wait for 24 - 48 hours before your stats start building up.
For more details on how to add multiple blogs, How to remove your own visits to give more realistic and correct stats and much more visit my blog by clicking the below link

Links in Drop Down Menu

Many a times displaying a long list of links can take up quite some precious display area of your blog.So here i s a smart way to display your links in the form of a drop down menu.See the below example and click on any below link.

Now to customise it for your own blog you can change the words " DROP DOWN MENU " to anything you like ( e.g/ Blog list,Check this out !... )

Now for Changing the links you go to
WEBPAGE URL and change the address with the link desired
You can change the LINK 5 ( This is a text to whatever you desire .This will be displayed on the webpage )

To have more links just keep copying the code as shown below and change the address and text to display ( LINK1,LINK2 ... ETC )

LINK 1  to LINK 4  are links to my blog you may retain it or remove it but I recommend you to keep atleast LINK 4 which is a link to this blog so it will be easy for you and others for easy access to this blog.

Copy the below code and paste it in your blog or webpage

Statistics Widget for Blogger

What is Statistics Widget for Blogger? Statistics Widget for Blogger will display the total number of posts and total number of comments on your blog Just Copy and Paste below Code in your blog or webpage Remember to replace the text "yourblog" with your blog address. Take note to replace it in two locations  

How to Create Floating Back to Top Button

Web Hosting at InMotion HostingHere is a simple and easy way to have your visitors jump to the top of your page without scrolling with a floating Back to the top Button.Just add a gadget for html/javascript and then paste the code in it.Replace the " LINK TOYOUR  IMAGE " with the url of the link to your image.If you dont have one you can just right click on the floating back to top button on my blog and select copy image url and then paste it in place of " LINK TO YOUR IMAGE " or you can search on the net for more ..

Free Scrolling Country Flag Visitor Counter

Check out this Scrolling visitor counter by country flags.Moreover your site gets a link on its webpage if you add this gadget.Think you need one.Click on the link below

Analogue Clock

Get this Unique analag Clock for your blog.To change the size of the clock just change the height and width of the clock in the code
Just Copy and Paste below code in your blog or webpage


Now show your visitors their IP Address ,Operating System , The browser they are using and the country all in one cool gadget.
Just copy and paste the below code in ur blog or webpage


Auto Scrolling Image or Pictures

Now that you have learnt how to scroll text here is how you can scroll your images or pictures and give a whole new dimension to your blog !

TIPS : To change the direction of scrolling replace “ left “ with “ up” for scrolling upwards, “down “ for scrolling downwards and “right” for scrolling to the right

U can change the Height and Width of the image to suit your blog or website layout.
Replace the Height= “ Change Height Here
Replace the Width= “ Change Width Here
( The scrolling image U see has a height = “250” and width = “250”)

Edit the “ Link to your Image ” and paste the link to your desired image !

Auto Scrolling Text or Marquee Text !

Here is a nice and exciting way of attracting attention of visitors to your blog and make it look standout from the Crowd.






Google Page Rank,Alexa Rank,Back Links & Visitor Counter

Check out this cool gadget which displays Google Page Rank,Alexa Rank,Back Links & Visitor Counter All in One !
Where the following abbreviations are used
GIP : Google Indexed Pages
GBL : Google Backlinks
YIP : Yahoo Indexed Pages
YBL : Yahoo Back Links
MIP : MSN Indexed Pages
ALR : Alexa Rank
ABL : Alexa Backlinks
TUV : Today Unique Visitors
TPV : Today Page Views
YUV : Yesterday Unique Visitors
YPV : Yesterday Page Views

Dont forget to enter your total unique visitor value before submitting to get the code !

Customize the colour matching your blog and you are done.Go Get it !

AUV : Total Unique Visitors
APV :Total Page Views

BBC Tabbed News Gadget !

Copy and paste the HTML below to include this gadget on your webpage or Blog !


Copy and paste the HTML below to include this gadget on your webpage or Blog !