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30% off Web Hosting, up to 3 free domains and free SSL'sHere is a multiple link widget with links to the most commonly used websites,social networks.You can click on more links on the right down corner for the widget to display more links.The links available are city links,Travel Links,Email Links,Favourite Links,Photo Links,SocialLinks,FinancialLinks,ToolsLinks & Music Links.If you want to revert to the default link page click on Home links

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Visitor Counter with Flags and stats !

Check out this new flag/visitor counter. Besides displaying the top countries flag with their count it also provides you and your visitors with some interesting stats about your blog. It has shows the no of people currently online, Visitors today, Visitors yesterday ,Visitors this week, Visitors last week, Visitors this month and visitors last month. Off course it shows the total no of visitors! That is actually what a counter is meant for right? 
But there is one big drawback though so that it starts counting from zero and you cannot adjust it to you present visitor count. But it is really great for someone who is starting a new blog! You will need to register to get this widget .

Visitor count 3000 and still counting....

The last couple of months seems to be bringing a lot of pleasant surprises for me.Barely a month ago the visitor count had touched 2000 and and within a month it has reached 3000 .This has been by far the fastest 1000 visitors to my blog.Morever another feather in the cap was getting the first google page rank.

Thank you once again for all your support.........

Ad Free Sudoku Puzzles

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Google Page Rank - 1

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Hurray! my blog got its first page rank from google today.I thank you so much to all my visitors and followers who have contributed in reaching this goal.
I had started blogging in October 2008 and in less than six months I got my first rank from google.So all the hardwork has finally paid the dividends. It means a lot to me. 
I will always strive to provide you with useful and meaningful content as I have been providing till now. 
It is also worth mentioning that my second blog also got a page rank simultaneously and I am sure you would love to visit that too. Here’s the link for you