Digital Clock for blogs

Check ou this digital clock with reflection looks great na ?You can customise the colour to suit your blog and there are many more widgets out there . Do you want to have one for your blog too then log on to and get one for you now.

Blogcatalog Search Widget

Be Where your Customers are $1.99 / mo hosting for 12 months!-With the BC 360 Search Widget you give your readers the opportunity to browse your blog content like never before. Your readers can search your blog and social activities as well as the BlogCatalog bloggers in your network.

Just log in to your account and go to your dashboard and choose widgets from the options.If you have more than one blog choose the one for which you intend to install this widget .Choose the search widget from the list of widgets provided.

You will be provided with the necessary code.Just add in a appropriate location.

Auto Scrolling Headline of Blog Posts

Well by now you must have been familiar with the scrolling text,Scrolling Photos,Scrolling Links,Now What ? How about scrolling rss feed of your blog to display the title of each blog posts ?
Great! So here's how you go about it.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

www.1and1.comYou can also customise this widget as per your requirements.You can edit

Max Posts  - Default is "15" ( This is the no of posts )
Scroll Delay - Default is "175" ( Smaller the number greater the speed of scrolling)
Direction    - Default is " left " ( You can change it to right,top,down but left is recommended )
Bullet Char - Default is " ** " ( Change it as you desire )
Finally change the blogaddress from "" to your blog Url


Visitor Count 2000 and still counting ...

http://www.1and1.comHi Friends with your support my blog has got a visitor count of 2000 just after 3 months of launching this blog.Hope to provide you with more interesting and useful content.

Thanking you all and I hope you continue visiting it.

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How to create text area in blog posts ?

get your site online with web hosting plansMany a times there arises a need to display some code in your blog posts but when you post the code directly it shows in the resultant output so to avoid these problem you need a text area inside your blog posts. This code helps to create a window in which you can enter the text.This is also useful if you want to share your blog link with others so they can easily copy your link and paste in their blogs
Change the Rows “ 5 ” – To increase or decrease the number of rows
Change the Columns “ 50 ” – To increase or decrease the width
Enter your content  in the place of the “ YOUR CONTENT HERE ”
Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage
<textarea rows="5" cols="50"> YOUR CONTENT HERE </textarea>