Auto Scrolling Headline of Blog Posts

Well by now you must have been familiar with the scrolling text,Scrolling Photos,Scrolling Links,Now What ? How about scrolling rss feed of your blog to display the title of each blog posts ?
Great! So here's how you go about it.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

www.1and1.comYou can also customise this widget as per your requirements.You can edit

Max Posts  - Default is "15" ( This is the no of posts )
Scroll Delay - Default is "175" ( Smaller the number greater the speed of scrolling)
Direction    - Default is " left " ( You can change it to right,top,down but left is recommended )
Bullet Char - Default is " ** " ( Change it as you desire )
Finally change the blogaddress from "" to your blog Url



igvirene said...

Hi, I don't know why this code doesn't work for me. I have tried all the code I found on the internet. The bullet just don't work for me.

SARFRAS said...

I tried copying the code and using it again.It is working perfectly fine may be you did not update your blog address.Try copying the code and changing only the web address.If it is working fine then you can customize it later.Hope this helps !