Links in Drop Down Menu

Many a times displaying a long list of links can take up quite some precious display area of your blog.So here i s a smart way to display your links in the form of a drop down menu.See the below example and click on any below link.

Now to customise it for your own blog you can change the words " DROP DOWN MENU " to anything you like ( e.g/ Blog list,Check this out !... )

Now for Changing the links you go to
WEBPAGE URL and change the address with the link desired
You can change the LINK 5 ( This is a text to whatever you desire .This will be displayed on the webpage )

To have more links just keep copying the code as shown below and change the address and text to display ( LINK1,LINK2 ... ETC )

LINK 1  to LINK 4  are links to my blog you may retain it or remove it but I recommend you to keep atleast LINK 4 which is a link to this blog so it will be easy for you and others for easy access to this blog.

Copy the below code and paste it in your blog or webpage


knight of silent said...

hye..where do i must put this code? "edit html" or what

SARFRAS said...

After logging into your blogger account go to Layout.
Click on Add a Gadget
Select HTML/Javascript
In the content Paste this code.
I hope now it is clear for you