RSS Auto Scroll Widget/ Recent Posts Autoscroll widget

Drupal Web HostingCheck out this cool RSS Auto Scroll Widget.You can now have more of your rss content displayed within a small space.Plus You can have more than one RSS Url ( The max is 3 though ). 
Since this is a free version you will have ads in it but it is Camouflaged very well so it is not possible to distinguish the ads from your content 
Unlike the free version, the standalone version of the RSS Scrollbox Widget doesn't have any ads and is installed on your server. It supports all the same customization options as the free version. It costs US$35 and requires a server that has PHP 4 or greater with xml support installed. After PayPal confirms the payment, you will be emailed a zip archive that includes the RSS Scrollbox Widget and all the information you will need to set it up on your server 
To get your free rss scroll Widget click on the link below

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