All in One Widget - Popular Pages,Keywords,Country,Referring Sites & Visitors

Check out this All In One Widget:This is a multi-use widget that combines all the features of our other widgets into one convenient widget. Use the right and left arrows or click "Display Menu" to view Most Popular Pages, Search Keywords, Visiting Countries, Referring Site or Referring Search Engine. ( This is a image only to see the functioning widget click on the arrows in the left side bar ) 
Popular Pages Widget:This is an interactive widget that shows your site or blog's most popular web pages. Clickable URLs help guide visitors to your site's most important content. Find out how many people visited and how many times your pages were viewed 
Search Keywords:Share your sites most common search keywords with your visitors. Let them know what other visitors are searching for when they come to your site or blog.
 Visiting Countries:This is a fun information widget that lets you know which countries that visitors to your site or blog are coming from. You might be surprised to learn where people are finding you
 Referring Site or Referring Search Engine:This visit widget displays the URLs of the websites that refer the most traffic to your site or blog. Clickable links provide an easy tool to link back to your referring sites.
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praVeen said...

Cool site, the SMS thing doesnt seem to be working, can u chk that.

SARFRAS said...

Thanks for your comments the sms is powered from the site had got a similar feedback and I think I better remove it from my blog..