Search my Blog or Archives widget

The Blog search widget allows your visitors to search for contents on your blog and displays the related search pertaining EXCLUSIVELY to your blog.
Your visitors will appreciate this as they wont waste their time trying to look out for related content or the actual content they were looking out for. This will ensure that they stay on your site which will help to ensure that the bounce rate is reduced. ( Bounce rate – The more time visitor stays on your site the lesser is your bounce rate and the better it is ).
If you want you can change the "Search my Archives" text for the button with anything 
( Example Search,Search my Blog or just leave it as it is )  

Just copy and paste the below code in your blog or webpage 


Mike and Julie said...

Thanks for stopping by and introducing us to your blog. Your blog has lots of information that Mike and I can use. We will be checking in and put you on our blog list.

webwatcher said...

hi. thanks. ur site is very useful to a newbie like me