Auto Scrolling Links or Marquee Links

Many a timed there is a need to show a list of long links it may be your list of blogs, A list of others blogs if you are participating in a traffic exchange or it could be your monthly archives if you have been blogging for long.Having a long list of links on your sidebar gives it a shabby look so here’s a simple solution to the problem. Display auto scrolling links in a pre defined space. You have all the customizing options too at your disposal.

Once you have copied the code you can modify the below options if require or leave it as it is ( U NEED TO ONLY CHANGE THE CONTENT IN “ ” BETWEEN THE COMMA’S ) Marquee Direction “ UP” – This defines the direction of scrolling you can change it as Down, Left or Right
Width “ 200 ” – Change to suit your blog ( If required ) Height “ 200 ” – Change to suit your blog ( If required ) Scroll Amount “ 2 ” – This defines the speed of scrolling (Smaller the no slower the speed,Greater no will increase the speed e.g 3,4,5… )

After you have done the necessary customization you can change my blog address to say and Title “ Blog ” to say “ My Blog”. 

Copy the below code and edit the links to increase as many as you like.

I would request you to leave the first link Blog widgets so more people can find this blog but you are free to remove it.

Copy and Paste the below code in your blog or webpage

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vhingF said...

hey...thanks 4 dropping EC. From top to bottom are all what I'm looking for to add on my 2 blogs especially on LABELS lists .I hate those long lines there. Is it good for labels

have a nice day.