Google Page Rank,Alexa Rank,Back Links & Visitor Counter

Check out this cool gadget which displays Google Page Rank,Alexa Rank,Back Links & Visitor Counter All in One !
Where the following abbreviations are used
GIP : Google Indexed Pages
GBL : Google Backlinks
YIP : Yahoo Indexed Pages
YBL : Yahoo Back Links
MIP : MSN Indexed Pages
ALR : Alexa Rank
ABL : Alexa Backlinks
TUV : Today Unique Visitors
TPV : Today Page Views
YUV : Yesterday Unique Visitors
YPV : Yesterday Page Views

Dont forget to enter your total unique visitor value before submitting to get the code !

Customize the colour matching your blog and you are done.Go Get it !

AUV : Total Unique Visitors
APV :Total Page Views


Anonymous said...

Earlier there was a lot of debate on the usability and credibility of Alexa, the Search Engine, and the web information company. There were serious speculations that amidst cut throat competition from other search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo, Alexa stood a very minor chance in staying afloat in the rough waters. However, as far as analytics and rankings are concerned, Alexa is thought to be a trusted and reliable term by millions of users. The Alexa toolbar is easy to download and use. The extremely user friendly and helpful features of Alexa has also made it a favorite among the webmasters along with Google. So much so that today world famous press materials like Wired, Forbes, and Wall Street Journal are also publishing articles about Alexa. No wonders therefore, today Alexa is a known name in the internet arena.

that guy said...

great widget,just what i wanted for my blog!