Google Webmaster Tools for Blogger,Wordpress and all sites

Have you signed in to your Google webmaster tools ? If not here is the link to it
So what exactly do you get when you login into your Google Webmaster Dashboard.
The Dashboard will give you a brief insight into Crawl Errors,Search Queries & Sitemaps.
Then there is Search Appearance menu under which there is Structured Data,Data Highlighter,HTML Improvements and Sitelinks
The Search Traffic Menu will give you the search queries which will display the keywords queried ,The impressions generated and,Clicks,The Click through ration (CTR ) and the average position on the google search page.Using this data you can boost your rankings using SEO techniques.
Then there are Links to your site which shows Who links the most, Your most linked content and how the data is linked and Then there is the Internal links
The Google Index has the Index Status,Content keywords.
This is just a brief summary and I can write pages and pages on this topic.
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