Free Flag Counter with detailed statistics

UK2 VPS £25% offHere 's an awesome flag counter with all the possible stats you could ask for.No sign up required just visit the website customise your flag counter and insert it in your website.Now sit back and relax as the supercounter does all the hard work for you.

So what does it do actually besides showing the flags.Just click on the flag counter widget and it will show you your visitor stats again no sign up required.Currently the following stats are available click on below link to see the counter live in action


Overview : 
Counting Since,Total Visits,Average,Highest Day,Today,Yesterday,This week,Last week,This year,                Last Year,Last 10 referrers & Last 10 Search engine queries. Haa..aah just let me breathe and thats                 not all
Traffic :
Last 24 Hours ( hourly ),Last 30days ( Daily ),Last 30 weeks ( Weekly ),Last 30 months (Monthly),Last 10 years ( Yearly )
Countries :
System :
Browser Version,Operating System,Screen Size
Last 30 Referrers,Last 30 search engine queries
Visitor :
Last 50 visitors with location ,iIP address and location on map ( click on visitor to see this details)      

Click on below link to get your counter

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