How to fix ? All pages but the homepage show 404 errors

All your pages except the homepage are giving 404 errors ?

If you are using self hosted Wordpress just login into your admin account Go to Settings - Permalinks

Now change the permalink structure to default !

Check your links now and it should be working ! If it works restore your link structure back to your liking!

Hope this has helped ! Do give in your comments if it worked for you.

How to Claim Google Authorship in just 3 steps

Microsoft Office 365 just $3.99/mo from GoDaddy! - 300 x 250You must be noticing authors images rendered on the Google search results.If you want your authorship information to be visible on the search pages of Google then here is how it is done in just 3 steps FLAT

Option 1 : Link to Google+ profile using a verified email address with the same domain name.
If you have a Email address on the same domain as your content then your job is almost done.Visit here the Google Authorship page and submit the email address

Option 2 : Link to Google+ profile using steps mentioned below for emails with different domains

Step 1 :  Create a link to your Google+ profile from your website

Step 2 : Replace the [profile_url] with your Google+ Url

Step 3 : Now go to your Google+ profile and and a link to your website

Go to Profile on the top left hand side and in the About section move right to the bottom on the right hand corner till you reach Links.
Here Click on Edit links and in the Contributor to add your website .You are done yes in just 3 steps Flat !

Once you are done don't forget to check whether you have done everything correctly using the structured data testing tool from your Google Webmaster Tool.

Migration Kit for Windows 7 & 8 - before Windows XP comes to end-of-life!!

Microsoft will cease all support for customers with Windows XP installed. For XP users this means no more security patches, even for newly-discovered Trojans, viren etc, an untenable situation for most XP owners. Thankfully help is at hand: the Migration Kit for Windows!
Get a faster system with an easy scan today!
Whether you are installing Windows 7 or 8 on your old computer, or are planning to buy a new one that already comes with Windows 8, you will quickly notice that something very important is missing: your personal data, settings, and programs that were available on your computers former operating system. You could, of course, transfer each of them one by one, and then reinstall them in a tedious process, but there is a much easier way: Migration Kit for Windows 7 & 8. With just a few clicks, you can transfer all your data and programs onto a new operating system or computer. Migration Kit for Windows is the perfect solution for getting to Windows 8 the easiest way: no matter whether you are upgrading from Windows XP or Vista, are looking to migrate data, settings, and programs from an old computer onto a new one, or are planning the Windows 7 or 8 migration on an existing computer.

Google Webmaster Tools for Blogger,Wordpress and all sites

Have you signed in to your Google webmaster tools ? If not here is the link to it
So what exactly do you get when you login into your Google Webmaster Dashboard.
The Dashboard will give you a brief insight into Crawl Errors,Search Queries & Sitemaps.
Then there is Search Appearance menu under which there is Structured Data,Data Highlighter,HTML Improvements and Sitelinks
The Search Traffic Menu will give you the search queries which will display the keywords queried ,The impressions generated and,Clicks,The Click through ration (CTR ) and the average position on the google search page.Using this data you can boost your rankings using SEO techniques.
Then there are Links to your site which shows Who links the most, Your most linked content and how the data is linked and Then there is the Internal links
The Google Index has the Index Status,Content keywords.
This is just a brief summary and I can write pages and pages on this topic.
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Comment Spam protection plugin for Wordpress

Akismet filters out comment and track-back spam for you . The best part it since it blocks spam you will not receive all the emails ( if you have opted for ) asking you to moderate the comments.I am using the FREE version of the same. Tested and working for Wordpress 3.8 release.
Click here to go to the Plugin page
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Page Navigation Plugin for Wordpress

Get the below Page number plugin for your wordpress powered site. Tested and working for wordpress Version 3.8
You can see the below plugin in action at
wp-pagenavi screenshot 1
Click here to go to the Plugin page
Bullguard Internet Security 12, with PC TuneUp

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